Water Heaters

Getting the Most From Your Water Heater

Modern lifestyles depend on an ample supply of hot water. With a properly sized electric or LP gas water heater, you will have an abundant supply of hot water to meet your needs.

Things to consider:

Water heaters should be installed to meet codes and manufacturers recommendations for proper operation and safety. In North Carolina the water heater thermostat is pre-set at 120° F.

When choosing a storage type water heater, select one to meet your highest one-time demand (first hour rating).

In larger homes two smaller heaters may meet your needs better than one large unit.

Select models with a higher energy factor (EF) to reduce operating cost. The Federal Trade Commission requires an energy guide label on each residential gas, oil and electric storage type water heater. The label shows estimated annual heating cost based on the heater capacity, EF rating and cost of fuel.

Locate water heaters in a conditioned area where possible. Hot water pipes should be insulated throughout the house for efficiency.

Water Heater Selection Guide (Sizing)

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