September is Safety Month

Plug Into Safety in September

All North Carolina citizens depend on electricity in their daily lives. However, do we all know how to use electricity properly?

  • Did you know that the National Safety Council reports more than 500 unintentional deaths by electric current are caused each year in the United States, both in homes and workplaces?
  • Did you know that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Council and the National Electrical Safety Foundation report that at least one U.S. citizen dies every day in an electrical accident?

These startling statistics can be prevented if we educate North Carolinians on how to play it safe around electricity. An understanding of both the benefits and dangers of electricity can help citizens to be safer and more educated about electricity, thus preventing injuries and deaths in the future.

September is officially “North Carolina Electrical Safety Month.” The electric cooperatives across North Carolina conduct an electrical safety awareness campaign throughout the state and specifically focus on sharing safety information with the state’s children.

North Carolina's electric cooperatives asked Governor Michael Easley to proclaim September as “Electrical Safety Month.” On February 5, 2002, he approved this request and we continue to promote safety throughout the month of September today.

Please join Blue Ridge Electric as we observe each September as Electrical Safety Month and help promote electrical safety. It’s up to everyone to remember to play it safe around electricity!

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