Recommended Trees for Planting Under and Along Power Lines

Vegetation Management
(Maintenance of Right-of-Way)

Our members' and our employees' safety, along with the ability to provide reliable electric service, are the most important things Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation considers each day. In order to achieve both, we must maintain all of our facilities such as overhead power lines, substations and underground transformers. An important part of this maintenance program involves managing the tree and large shrub growths within our power line right-of-ways. It is imperative that these power line "avenues" remain clear.

This summer, Blue Ridge Electric will continue its successful vegetation management program utilizing a low-volume, backpack application method to control tree sprout growth beneath power lines. Trained technicians will hand-apply a droplet mixture directly to tree sprouts that have been selectively chosen. In addition to keeping right-of-ways clear and safe, this method allows new, low-growing vegetation to thrive for the benefit of wildlife.

Blue Ridge Electric appreciates and respects those members who have allowed us access across their property and we take our environmental responsibility very seriously.

Any member wanting to learn more about the cooperative's vegetation management program is invited to contact Grey Scheer, Blue Ridge Electric community relations director.

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