Outdoor Lighting

Blue Ridge Electric Corporation offers a variety of standard and decorative outdoor lighting fixtures to protect and enhance your business. We install and maintain all the styles shown below to provide you worry-free outdoor lighting for a low monthly fee. Please see Rate Schedules - Additional Rates Schedules and Riders (applicable to both Residential and C&I accounts.) 

HPS - High Pressure Sodium | MH - Metal Halide  |  LED = Light Emitting Diode, fiberglass or steel poles, non-standard pole lengths, and other light types are available for an additional monthly fee. See Blue Ridge Electric's Outdoor Lighting (OL) Rate Schedule for a complete list of options.

NOTE: 3-year Service Agreement required on new installation of non-standard security lights
Please email us for more information concerning outdoor lighting or you may
apply for your light online.

Floodlight Recommended for lighting parking lots, recreational areas, sales or storage lots. Can be mounted on most exisiting BRE wooden poles or fiberglass poles.  
Cobrahead Ideal for use along parking lots, streets and highways. Can be mounted on most existing BRE wooden poles.  
Shoebox A contemporary style fixture recommended for streets, businesses and parking areas. This bronze fixture is typically mounted on a matching fiberglass pole.  
Post Top American Revolution A colonial-style fixture recommended for walkways, businesses and parking areas. This fixture is mounted on a black fiberglass pole.  
Standard Security Light A recognized fixture which is well-suited for use in any area. It can be mounted on new or existing BRE wooden poles.    
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