Operation Round Up PLUS

Times are tough. Continuing unemployment. Families in need. These aren't just headlines. These are your neighbors.

Since Operation Round Up’s launch in 2007, Blue Ridge Electric members have contributed over $2 million to help members in need of electric and fuel assistance and help non-profits provide additional local assistance.

As today’s tough economic times create even greater need, members have asked how to help more.
The answer? Operation Round Up Plus!

Round up your monthly bill and add an extra $1, $5 or $10 and help your neighbors struggling to pay their bills. Over 5,000 members have joined the Operation Round Up program!

All you give goes back to our community.

  • Provide crisis heating for households in financial need
  • Fund grants for local community services and programs
  • Help disadvantaged members reduce energy use and save money

Sign up today for Operation Round Up Plus by calling your local Blue Ridge office, or by signing up via our online form.

All Member contributions are tax deductible. Cancel at any time. Annual contribution will appear on January bill.

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