Mountain of Savings

A Mountain of Savings. A Home Energy Check-Up Can Save You Electricity & Money.
10 minutes or less to complete online. FREE Home Energy Calculator. Get Started Saving Now
How Can a Home Energy Check-Up Help Me? You can see helpful details about your electric usage, seasonal factors and cost-saving recommendations. Your Electric Usage, Your Local Weather Data, Your Suggested Savings, Investment Ideas for your Home.
The Home Energy Check-Up reveals if your energy costs and usage are UP or DOWN compared to the previous year. 30% Savings. On average, homeowners can save up to 30% in energy costs* by implementing energy efficiency improvements. *Based on Dept. of Energy estimates
Details Usage Information Is At Your Fingertips. Find out what is consuming the most energy in your home.  Cooling: 19.9%, Lighting: 6.8%, Dishwasher: 4.7%, Heating: 24.5%, Cooking: 5.2%, Clothes Washer: 7.3%, Refrigerators & Freezers: 5.0%, Water Heating: 18.7%, Clothes Dryer: 8.2%.
Start Your Free Home Energy Check-Up Now.
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