About GreenSmart

About GreenSmart

Blue Ridge Electric proudly offers our GreenSmart Program.
"Together We Make A World of Difference"

Blue Ridge Electric's GreenSmart family of programs is designed to help our members save energy, which saves money, into the future.

On August 20, 2007, North Carolina became the first state in the southeast to sign into law the North Carolina Energy Legislation (SB3). The law promotes the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency through the implementation of a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS).

GreenSmart represents a big step for Blue Ridge Electric. This family of programs is designed to be as cost effective and beneficial to our environment as they are to our members.  To succeed and achieve GreenSmart's ambitious goals for affordable energy and to improve the environment for future generations, we need each of our members to be actively involved.

Please take a few minutes to review GreenSmart's exciting programs that will help you to live both Green and Smart. Each program is designed to help reduce your energy usage, save money, and help improve the environment.

Over the coming months and years, Blue Ridge Electric will continue to do our best to promote programs that are both Smart and Green for our members. We have the power to positively impact the environment and our energy costs but we must do so as a team with our members. It is our sincere hope that neighbors will share this information, that parents will educate their children about energy efficiency, and that you personally will take advantage of these programs.

"Together We Make a World of Difference."


Doug Johnson

Doug Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation

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