Your Board of Directors

Your 2014 Board of Directors

Kenneth Greene, President, Ashe District
Jeff Joines, Vice President, Caldwell District
Joy Coffey, Secretary-Treasurer, Watauga District
Charity Gambill-Gwyn, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Director-at-Large

Representation by District:


  1. John F. Wishon Jr. (Johnny)
  2. Bryan Lee Edwards


  1. Kenny Greene, Ashe District
  2. Bradley McNeill, Ashe District
  3. David Boone, Ashe District


  1. David Eggers, Caldwell District
  2. Jimmy Hemphill, Caldwell District
  3. Jeff Joines, Caldwell District


  1. Joy Coffey, Watauga District
  2. Thomas E. Trexler (Tom), Watauga District
  3. James Burl (J.B.) Lawrence, Watauga District

 At Large

  1. Charity Gambill-Gwyn, Director-at-Large
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